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David Austin Grey - Pianist, Composer & Educator


Hansu-Tori (An Improvised Escape)

The Korean term ‘Hansu’ means water – ‘A drop of water gathering to make an ocean’. Specifically Hansu represents strength, flexibility, harmony and water as the source of life. ‘Tori’ is the Japanese word for ‘bird’. It can be thought to represent freedom and grace.

‘An Improvised Escape’ is the debut studio album from Hansu-Tori. Released Sept 2014, the material represents a deeper understanding between the members of the band, as well as an increased flexibility in the approach to music making. This is reflected not only in the compositions themselves but also in the diverse and extended line-up of musicians who feature on the disc.

The make-up of the group is flexible, allowing different combinations of players for different projects and occasions. The current line-up consists of David Austin Grey (piano/compositions), Chris Young (alto saxophone), Lluis Mather (tenor saxophone/flute), Eliza Shaddad (vocals). Nick Jurd (double bass/electric bass) & Jim Bashford (drum kit).

Additional members include Sam Wooster (trumpet/electronics), Nick Rundle (tenor saxophone), Adam Jackson (alto saxophone) and Euan Palmer (drums)

Hansu-Tori focus on original music written by pianist and band leader David Grey. The band’s music has been featured on BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio WM, Jazz FM and UK jazz radio.

For more information see www.hansu-tori.com